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About Williams Electronics

We are an employee owned business and one of the leading suppliers and installers of Access Control, CCTV, Security Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, and Two Way Radios in the area. We are confident we would be a valuable asset to you as you secure your facility.

Video Monitoring Systems
Video Surveillance Systems

We offer several different systems for your Video Monitoring needs. Contact us for a custom engineered solution or to get more information on all of our video monitoring systems. It would be our pleasure to meet with you and help you decide which of our excellent monitoring systems would meet your needs and budget!

Access Control
Access Control

We have installed access control lines in several hospitals, schools, factories and colleges over the years. We are proud to offer the Pro-Watch system for card access. We feel that Pro-Watch offers versatility as well as the peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to make sure that your patients, staff and visitors are secure! We are sure that you will find one that offers you the options you are looking for.

Alarm Systems
Alarm Systems

Our professional staff can provide you with the necessary plan to bring your investment up to code. And after the initial free proposal of your new burglar alarm installation, our trained staff of skilled technicians will ensure your new system is installed properly from start to finish.

  • New installations
  • Repairs to an existing system
  • System Design Services Available
  • 24 hour Monitoring Available
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection Available
  • Fire – Heat/Smoke Detection Available
  • Water/Flood Detection Available
  • Integrated Video Available
  • Remote Monitoring Available for Mobile Devices
  • Integrated RFID Tracking and Alarm Tag Integration Available

Asset Tracking
Asset Tracking

Why Track Your Fleet  - "You can't manage what you don't measure”.
Nothing is more true than when discussing a business with a commercial fleet. Waste and inefficiencies come in many forms:

  1. Excessive Idle Times
  2. Poor Driver Routing
  3. Personal or Unauthorized Vehicle Use
  4. Late Start to Workdays or Excessive Lunch Breaks
  5. Gasoline Theft
  6. Moonlighting
  7. Speeding or Unsafe Driving Practices
  8. False or Exaggerated Overtime Sheets

How GPS and Asset Tracking Can Help your Company
Use digital GPS Fleet tracking, starter disable and sensor events.
Call the sales team at 800-952-2805 for more information on how you can improve your dispatching and efficiencies and safe driving habbits.

Two-Way Radios
Two-Way Radios

We sell, repair, and program a full range of two-way radio products, specializing in Kenwood, GE, Ericsson, and Icom lines. Our service techs have over 30 years experience. If they made it, chances are we can fix and program it. Williams can also help with your Two-way communications site design and installation. Williams is also an authorized Zetron Console dealer. Williams can help you engineer your new dispatch center complete with furniture.

We provide a wide range of two-way radio services for government, public safety, industrial and commercial organizations to assist them in achieving their goals. We are highly experienced in providing Two-way radio repeaters, portables, mobiles, and base stations.